Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pack your bags! Let's go!

Well here we are.

Now what?

I had the idea for this blog the other night as I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep.

I tend to give out a lot of travel advice - my sister told me "you missed your calling, you should have been a travel agent."

I'm the "family travel agent" -- right now I'm in charge (sort of) of planning our family's vacation to Walt Disney World next spring.

I must be organized. For our Disney trip I currently have a folder full of notes and other planning things.

I think in order to travel successfully with kids you MUST be organized. Even for a short trip. You can't just leave home and hope to have a good time without just a little bit of planning.

And so, with this blog I am going to share my tips, secrets, and adventures with anyone out there willing to read about it.

Let's go!

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