Monday, August 24, 2009

Do they even have a 12-step program for Disney addicts?

Our next Disney vacation isn't until June 2011 - unless of course some miracle occurs and I win the lottery and can finally buy into the Disney Vacation Club, at which time we will be at Walt Disney World ASAP.

Anyway, back here in the 'real world'....

As I said, the next time the party of 10 will be embarking on another Disney adventure is in about 22 months.

So, I'm already planning for that trip. That's not too early, right?

I say it's never too early to plan for your next Disney trip. Heck, I was thinking about what we'd do "next time" while we were still in the parks way back in April!

I already have my spiral bound notebook ready and waiting... and it's quickly filling with notes for that next trip - where we should eat, how many 'table service' meals we should do in one day (uh, that would be ONE per day!), the pros and cons of various deluxe resorts - which brings me to this post. Sort of.

My mom stopped by today and as I sat down at my computer to respond to a tweet, she said "What are you doing?"

"I'm tweeting one of my Disney peeps on Twitter."

"You need a 12-step program," mom said.

"Why? I'm not on Twitter all day." (Nope, not all day.)

"Not for Twitter. You need an intervention because you're addicted to Disney," mom said.

Addicted to Disney? As if that's a bad thing!

I will be the first to admit that I am in all likelihood addicted to all things Disney. [And isn't admitting your 'problem' the first step? haha]. But it's a good thing.

To me, Disney is pure magic. It's a place where you can go and forget all your problems and smile and laugh and wear your Mickey ears proudly and just be happy.

I've been visiting Walt Disney World since I was a toddler (and that was a LONG time ago!). I've spent time at WDW in the middle of the summer with all the crowds, during October when you practically had the park to yourself (this was pre-free dining!), on New Year's Eve (and I vow to never again attempt the Magic Kingdom on New Year's Eve!), and in the late spring (after the Easter week crowds have gone home).

Now that I have my own kids I want to share the Disney magic with them as often as our budget will allow. My husband says "there are other places to visit besides Disney" .... which I'm sure is true and we will make it those places...someday.

For now, I will proudly admit my Disney addiction and will continue to plan our next family trip! [And I will also continue to wish upon a star for that lottery win so that I can buy my DVC membership!]

[If you want a better idea of my love for Disney, I suggest reading this blog post . Mike Scopa, a feature writer for says it best. And while I might not shed Mouse Tears at the same things, I could come up with my own top 10 list!]

*I've always loved Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. One of my favorite things when I was younger was this Cinderella wristwatch that my parents (or maybe my grandparents) bought me - it had three different bands (white, pink and blue) that you can change to match your outfits, and I loved that watch. I wish I knew what happened to it. I'd love to let Olivia wear it.

**Check out that photo ... don't you just LOVE it when a rainbow appears over the Magic Kingdom!?!

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