Monday, May 10, 2010

The seven stages of Disney

We had an amazing, magical, incredible trip to Disney! I can't believe how FAST the week flew by! As I was doing laundry this morning I thought, "wow, two weeks ago we were at the Magic Kingdom!" This was followed by "man, I wish we were still there!"

It takes me a few weeks (or longer) to "come down" from the Disney "high" and recover from a Disney trip.

The process goes something like this:

The Seven Stages of Accepting the end of a Disney vacation:

1. Denial: NO WAY! Our trip is NOT over. We MUST have at least 4 more days left, right?

2. Pain and Guilt: Damn. My feet hurt. How many miles did I walk this week? And guilt...crap...I didn't take the kids on it's a small world more than twice, and we didn't get to see the afternoon parade at the Magic Kingdom and I didn't get a Dole Whip! Oh the Disney GUILT!!!!

3. Bargaining: "Can't we stay just a few more days?" Please!?!?! It would be so much better if we could just spend one more day at the Magic Kingdom. Pretty please?

4. Depression: This usually hits as we (1) walk out of the resort, (2) board the Magical Express to the airport or get in our car and start the long drive home. I cry. Real tears. I reflect on the magic that happened all week. But there is NO denying it, I AM SAD. Very, very sad.

5. The upward turn: Wait! I know...I can start planning our next Disney vacation! And I do....before we even get home and unpack. I say things like "next time we'll do this" or "we MUST eat there next time".

6. Working through it: I upload photos, watch our vacation video and remember the great times we had at Disney. It makes the longing to return a bit less painful.

7. Acceptance and hope: I KNOW that I will be returning to Disney very soon. (This year, I am aiming for October for the Food & Wine 5K Run). There is always hope for another Disney trip. And this is what makes it easier to accept that this trip is over.

And that my friends is how I cope with the end of a Disney vacation.

I reflect, remember and realize that there IS another Disney vacation just around the corner. :)

(Trip report posts are on the agenda. I will get them posted as I write them...if you're interested...and you know you are! LOL)

- tlc

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