Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Disney Driven Life ... and me

A friend of mine, J.L., has this amazing web site/blog called The Disney Driven Life - True Confessions of a Neurotic Disney Mom, and one of the many things she does with this blog is give out the titles of Neurotic Disney Mom/Dad/Aunt/Kid/Grandma, etc. Basically if you LOVE all things Disney and are at all neurotic about that love, you too can be crowned a "NDP" (Neurotic Disney Person).

Long story short ... a few months ago I was lucky enough to be named "Neurotic Disney Mom #118" (NDM #118).

[JL and I both made it to Round 2 in our quest to become members of the Disney Mom's Panel....but didn't make it to Round 3. (Personally, I think 2011 is our year for the panel!)].

Last weekend, JL tweeted about meeting someone from Disney Russia via Twitter and I tweeted back something like "cool! I took Russian in college." ... and then, JL asked me to write a review/short article about the first movie produced and released by Disney Russia - The Book of Masters. Oh, and she made me the 'resident Disney in Russia news correspondent' for The Disney Driven Life! (Thanks again, JL!!!)

And so, without any further ado, you can check out my 'guest post' on The Disney Driven Life here.

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