Monday, April 13, 2015

And the OBX Trip Planning Continues

This June will be our second (consecutive) family trip to the OBX.

Last year we rented a beach house from Carolina Designs Realty and we loved it so much that we re-booked it before we even left the beach!

 So you could say that the 2014 trip was a "training exercise" for Chaos Party of 10. We did some things right and we didn't some not-so-right things.

One of the things we did sort of right was visiting our local Sam's Club and buying some things in "bulk" for the house.

These items include: liquid hand soap (our beach house has about 8 bathrooms so this is a necessity), Kleenex (again, see the number of bathrooms), and some snacks for both at the beach house and in the car. We made the mistake of buying toilet paper at Sam's last year and it barely fit in the car. So this year...we'll be waiting to buy that.

Since we're driving over the course of two days to get to the OBX we'll need some "car snacks" and we have to covered (sort of).

One thing we did "wrong" last year was eat out almost every single night. Not sure what the hell we were thinking (other than the OBX is full of amazing places to eat!) but this year we'll be eating out only twice and cooking the other nights at the beach house.

I mean the house has an amazing kitchen so we might as well use it.

So this time around we're creating menus for lunch and dinner. So far the list is "surf and turf night" with steaks and a Steamer Pot (from Mulligans!), pasta night, taco night, and grill night. We also have plans to eat at Awful Arthur's because it's just damn amazing.

We also bought so much booze last year that we had to get a permit to drive it back to the beach house. No joke.

This year in an effort to avoid the need for transportation permits we're also creating a daily drink menu with the necessary ingredients.

Which brings me to my "vacation planning notebook." Yep, that's right. I bought a notebook where we're keeping all the lists, menus, shopping lists, reservations, and more. For the OBX and for the Disney trip in November. (And for the cruise next June but we won't talk about that right now. Wink, wink).

It's almost time to start creating the "OBX Pile" on the dining room table. That's where all the things I need to pack will be collected until I actually start packing. There is a method to my madness. Really.

And now, I have to go make some more lists. 

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